Hair extensions should always be safe, safe, safe!

January 4, 2013 at 10:41 pm
Putting hair extensions on in a safe way is the most important part of the process. You may have heard stories of people having trouble with hair extensions, including cases where the extensions damage the person’s natural hair or scalp.

This is because the hair extensions have not been put in properly.

The main culprit for this are hair extensionists that put too much hair on one bond. This heavy hair pulls on your scalp creating discomfort and damage to you.

Many companies and individuals offering hair extensions do this and they give hair extensions a very bad name.

I am very passionate that hair extensions should be done safely and enhance your natural hair, not damage it. I am studying to be a trichologist – an expert in the scalp.

A key reason I use Racoon Hair Extensions is the type of bond used – the bonding used for Racoon International hair extensions is an inert polymer, which means you can’t be allergic to it. The bonding is not applied to the skin or scalp – it is applied 1cm width from the scalp and can’t travel via the hair shaft.

These bonds also allow hair to shed – if not, bonds can get too heavy and can cause foliculitus or more serious traction alopecia leaving small areas of scalp denuded of hair through tension.