Hair Extensions in Huddersfield? Why not!

February 2, 2013 at 11:24 am

What’s so great about Huddersfield? Why hair extensions in Huddersfield? It’s a great place, that’s why!

A lot of hair extension technicians run down to the bright lights of London and sure it’s cool down there….but come on, great people, beautiful countryside…there’s no contest! The women of Huddersfield have just as high standards as those of London. They deserve to get the best treatment available.

Hair Extensions in Huddersfield

In fact, many people do travel from beyond Huddersfield to have their hair extensions fitted by Anthony. Anthony’s hair salon in Mirfield is visited by the lovely ladies of Leeds, Manchester and other surrounding areas. They all make the trip to Huddersfield to have their locks made beautiful. Anthony is known as being one of the very best leading hair extensions experts in the country.

Huddersfield is Anthony’s home town, he’s very passionate about it and he has no desire to move to a city. He loves it here! Anthony wants to bring top class hair extensions in Huddersfield to those who don’t want to travel into a major city. To those who would prefer the peace and quiet of Almondbury.

Another good reason for working outside of a major city and amongst the beautiful hills of Yorkshire is that Anthony can keep costs down (as his overheads are lower). This allows him to offer hair extensions at a very reasonable price. His clients are getting the highest quality service, but paying a lot less.

Anthony also works a lot with people with hair loss or hair problems and generally finds that being in a town, rather than a city,  offers a much more comfortable and friendly environment. Somewhere where his clients can feel relaxed. It’s hard to get that in the clichéd environment of a city salon.

Hair Extensions in Huddersfield

Anthony fits hair extensions in Huddersfield at his Mirfield Hair Salon. To come and see for yourself, arrange a complimentary consultation.