The Hair We Use In Our Hair Extensions

Anthony Fellows is one of the few hair extentionists to offer genuine European hair in his hair extensions. The main advantage to this is that it suits British women much better than Russian or Chinese hair, which is where the hair is usually sourced from for branded hair extensions. European hair has a natural wave and generally doesn’t have as much processing. It’s also much more ethically sourced than anywhere else in the world.

Here are the key facts about the hair that he chooses:

Double drawn – the hair feels much thicker with the same amount of hair. It goes through a special hackle that divides the hair into different lengths. Every strand you are buying is the same length, giving a much fuller finish.

Route point correct – the hair is always kept the right way around. Ruffling the hair cuticles can happen if brushed the wrong way around, meaning the hair doesn’t look as healthy.

Description of origin – the hair he sources is actually from Europe (usually Spain or Italy). Anthony is not using it as a description of it’s texture, he is using it as a description of it’s origin (some hair extentionists cheekily try to pass their hair off as European by describing it’s texture as European – this means it’s been processed further to ‘feel’ European).

The hair is not ‘coated’ or cuticle stripped – some say that this type of hair is easier to manage, however once the coating wears off within a few washes, the hair gets matted and breaks.

He doesn’t go for terms such as ‘triple A hair‘ – these terms don’t mean a thing, it’s just marketing nonsense.

He only ever sources true Remy hair – watch out for companies that call themselves ‘Remy’ (it’s not the same thing)

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