Hair Extensions in Huddersfield

Anthony Fellows and his specially trained team have fitted hair extensions in Huddersfield for many clients, including celebrities. Anthony is one of the UK’s leading hair extensions experts. Read on for a quick run through of the process involved and typical costs.

Full Consultation

The first part of the process is a full consultation. The hair extensionist at Anthony Fellows Hair checks the clients hair to ensure there is nothing that could cause issues (like alopecia or telegon effluvium – otherwise known as excessive hair shedding). The hair extensionist then asks about lifestyle to ensure required maintenance can be kept up with and if there is any medical /medication issues to be aware of.

Once the full consultation is done, the hair extensionist makes a decision about whether he or she thinks hair extensions are appropriate. If the client meets the requirements, then the application process can go ahead.


This part is crucial and where a lot of other hair extensions can do damage. The amount of hair that is placed in each bond is the same as the natural hair, so the bonds are not too heavy. Bonds that are too heavy can cause traction alopecia.


While removing, the bonds easily break down in the removal solution and slide out, leaving no residue or traces of bonding. Due to the ease of removal, it causes no damage to the hair. There is no heat applied while removing.

How long do they last?

The system will last up to 3 months, which works with the natural hair cycle. Do not trust hair extension systems that promise several months of wear. This causes much damage to your hair and scalp.


With a set of hair extensions, maintenance is crucial. It ensures the hair is kept safe, but also ensures the hair extensions look the best throughout their 3 month’s life.

Rotation Option

Rotation appointments every 4 – 6 weeks, where 1/3 of the extensions will be removed, revamped and reapplied.

This service ensures that you get the best possible look and your own hair is looked after well. All hair extensionists at Anthony Fellows ensure the weight for weight rule is correct (the bonds aren’t too heavy). As hair naturally sheds, maintaining this rule is very important. If it isn’t maintained properly, the bonds could become too heavy.

They can last up to 6 months with rotation.

Infill Option

The extensions are bulked out to ensure they last 3 months and look great at all times.

If you’d like the hair extensions in for three months only, we advise you to attend appointments at 7 weeks and again at 10 weeks.

On these appointments, you will have a blow dry and a small amount of hair applied to fill out the extensions. Between 12 and 14 weeks they will be due for removal.

If you’d like to keep their extensions in longer, we would advise more regular visits.

Hair Extensions Costs

The cost of a set of hair extensions can be anywhere between £250 – £900. The average set is around £500.The cost all depends on your current hair length / thickness and then the length and colour of the hair that you want.

If you’d like a free consultation, where Anthony Fellows or one of his team will take a look at your hair and talk about the look you want to create, please get in touch. At this consultation, we can give you an exact price. You pay for the safeness of the hair extensions and the results.

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